More relevance. More clicks. More revenue.

Search advertising is a vital component of any smart publisher’s online marketing strategy.
The challenge has been finding advertisers whose products align closely enough with your
editorial content to have the highest probability of producing clicks and generating revenue.

What sets Vertical Search Works apart from other search companies is that we have the structure and technology to deliver ads that truly make sense on your pages and have the potential to significantly increase revenue opportunities.

Key advantages for online publishers

  • Higher traffic and increased content visibility on the Web
  • More qualified repeat visitors to help expand online communities
  • New revenue streams from search opportunities and editorially relevant advertising
  • Doesn’t impact or compete with Google™ AdWords revenue
  • NEW! Advanced tools that cost-effectively complement site search, enhance Web search,
    and drive revenue from vertical search

Search advertising is evolving and there’s never been a better time to put the power of vertical search technology to work for you. To learn more about the many ways that Vertical Search Works is helping online publishers grow their brands, build their communities, and enhance their bottom lines, contact us today.